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Welcome to procter_lims, a Last Icon Maker Standing community about the gorgeous Emily Procter.

1. Your have to join and sign up in order to participate.
2. You'll have to vote for the icon with the best and the icon with the worst quality.
3. The icon with the most negative votes will be eliminated.
4. You have to give reasons for your choice.
5. Participants may not vote for themselfs. Don't make other people vote for you!
6. All icons have to be new for each challenge and not premade or posted before.
7. Only use the pictures provided.
8. Every participant has one skip, skips are not allowed in the first challenge. You can earn more skips by promoting the community.
9. Brushes, textures, text is allowed. Animation however is not.
10. Your icon must fit LJ standards (100x100 Px, 40 kb)

Sunday: New Challenge is posted.
Thursday: Due date for your icons, voting will be posted.
Saturday: Winner/elimination will be announced.

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